Christine Alfery

Posted on May 24 2017

Searching for Life's Tiny Treasures by Christine Alfery

When I begin working in the visual space of abstraction where imaginaries and concepts are floating around, I attempt to create a visual space where my free will makes choices as to what I want to see and what I want others to see. That is where my training comes in, I have learned how to help others visually read the imaginaries, the concepts that float around in that abstract visual space. These concepts are real – a beautiful reality, they are objective, so others can see them also. They are not nonobjective. This for me is the struggle when I come to a blank white sheet of paper, to look for and emphasize in my work those concepts for which I believe in – independence, individuality and freedom and hope that others can see them also. This is the challenge of my work. These are the subjects in my work.

The piece I recently finished. “Tightrope” Which is part of my Precious Jewels series. Let me know if you can visualize, independence, individuality and freedom here. Would love your feedback.

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