Three Migrating Birds

Christine Alfery

Posted on May 17 2022

Three Migrating Birds

Featured image: Going Home II

Three merganser ducks were resting in the water in front of the beach today. They had been flying north from probably, Tennessee. They didn’t stay long but they sure were pretty. Then I heard a loon over in Mud Bay. Their call is so wonderful to hear at anytime but especially in the spring. And then, yes, another wonderful sign of spring, a hummer buzzed my head.

All three of these birds have migrated, traveling here. A couple of them will stay but the merganser will move on. I have written about migration many many times. There are so many elements of migration. I like to think of migration as a journey and compare it to the journey of life with all of its changes. Life is always changing, life never ends. Oh, my life and your life will, but the concept of life, beautiful, beautiful life just changes and doesn’t end. Isn’t that a glorious thought?
Anyway, the lake opened yesterday and we are the first to have our pier in the water and to christen the lake with a boat. Crisp air blowing through my hair, chilly – but hey it’s wonderful spring.


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