The Spirit of the Artist

Christine Alfery

Posted on July 20 2022

The Spirit of the Artist

Featured image: Sunset At The Lake II

The spirit of the artist is just that, the artist’s spirit, not another’s, just theirs. With so much division today, it is hard not to be totally immersed in politics and taking sides. But I think always of how destructive that is. It is so much harder than just respecting the other’s opinion and not making it a game of winners and losers. We haven’t changed much over history. We are easily entertained with sports and competition. We shout and scream, feeling good when our team wins. But if you think about i, honestly, we are being controlled and lulled into following the herd.

I believe the political attitude of an artist should be a simple matter. I refuse all collusion with social and political forces, and that is hard to do – I know I have been there. Those forces represent regression and servitude. By servitude I mean not doing what is best for myself first and then helping others. If I can’t help myself first, then I am not prepared to help others and to serve others, I am merely following. I never wish to become the tool of another. For being their tool takes away my own uniqueness and individuality.

My commitment in life is to creativity, my own creativity, and to progress and change. Think about it. If we all lived creatively and valued creativity, how different the world would be. My work itself is created in the spirit of freedom, unique individual freedom, and unique collective freedom. Freedom of spirit and its vision. How does and artist visualize freedom and write about freedom? How is freedom defined in your mind, in your spirit and in your soul? Imagine how it would be if we all lived surrounded by freedom, and our spirit filled with the concept of freedom. I’m not speaking of the freedom that is illusionary and created by another to control, but the sincere, authentic freedom of our heart and soul.


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