The Soul Of Our Country

Christine Alfery

Posted on September 14 2022

The Soul Of Our Country

Featured image: Her Song- She Has Always Sang To The Tune Of A Different Drummer

Many of you who follow my musings know that I am quite passionate about the individual along with their spirits and souls.  I am passionate about the uniqueness and original authenticity of each and every individual.  My work reflects this passion.  This passion shows through my writings and paintings, allowing others to find their own souls, spirits, uniqueness, originality and authenticity.

Today, an interesting question popped up, “What is the soul of our country?” There is no question in my mind what the soul of our country should be.  The soul represents the morality and values we as a country have.  My answer would be the same for our country as it is for the individual.  Our country’s soul  should be the same as it is for the individual.  Our country’s soul should be passionate, unique, original and authentic, one-of-a-kind, a work of art.  


That means our country’s soul needs to allow the individual’s soul to flourish.  Unfortunately, I feel that we are losing this very unique quality of America.

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