Blog: The Self and Art

Christine Alfery

Posted on November 27 2017

Blog: The Self and Art

Featured image: Ruby's Red Road Ride

An artist needs to know themselves, their limitations, their strengths in order to care for and create true art. The self needs to be transformed from the collective selves that exist in social constructions created to create an idea of self.

So many individuals seek to know this self and travel down the common paths that are merely a copy of that has been or currently collectively is. To discover the self and transform the self from a collective to an independent self, one that enables an artist to have the ability to create a unique, original work of art, one needs to have access to a “truth” as to what constitutes them and what constitutes art.

Not all want to be artists take the time to value and discover what their “truth” is and what their “truth” will be in a work of art. Just wanting to be an artist, just saying this is a work of art because I say it it and because I say I am an artist isn’t their truth in the work of art. Most believe that the aesthetic moment, that is seductive and blissful is the truth in a work of art. It is one small part of what makes that work and that self- have value as a self and that work have value as a work of art.

It is not the collective moment that shines in an individual or a work of art – it is that independent, unique original moment that is allowed to shine and can be seen in both the self and the work of art. It is that original moment that is there for all to see and recognize, and value.

This is what we need to strive for in art and in ourselves for only when we find it in ourselves are we able to see it in others. It is precious and very valuable.

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