Blog: The Artist

Christine Alfery

Posted on July 29 2021

Blog: The Artist

Featured image: Waltzing Sunflowers II

You as an artist, the total package of you consists of all of the choices that you have made over the years both good and bad. As an artist when you choose to create something, it must come from what honestly fascinates and stirs your spirit your soul. You will feel vulnerable when you do this. But always remember that everyone is unique, and one-of-a-kind, and you only feel vulnerable because you don’t match others – and that is ok. In fact that is good because no one is exactly like you.

Once you understand this as an artist you are able to know your soul, your individual unique self. You know what will tickle your fancy and what will not. You know what you want to believe and what you don't want to believe. You understand your life and that all life is to be treasured. All these things together, make up who you are and they need to be visible in your work. If you do not understand this, then you don’t understand your uniqueness yet.

There is always a part of you that remains childlike and wishful. It has always been there. It is your unique source of strength. This wonderful childlike remnant in you is where your "Art" comes from. It knows no limits, and when you tap into it you will realize that very very rich beautiful choices you have made. All your art need to come from this very sacred place.
It is a privilege being an artist.

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