Blog: Strings attached

Christine Alfery

Posted on October 10 2021

Blog: Strings attached
Featured image: Downy II

The art world that I live in is constantly changing.There is always movement and shifting to meet different demands. The art world that I live in never settles in one place. The art world that I live in challenges the construction or designing of identities. The very idea of constructing or designing limits the freedom that I so cherish. The very idea of others constructing or designing my identity, or anyone’s identity scares me tremendously. And the scary thing is that there are so many who don’t realize that their identity has been designed and that their notion of freedom is anything but what the word represents. Freedom must be absolute with no strings attached. It is impossible to have absolute freedom. The closest we can get to absolute freedom is to recognize those things that do have strings attached and minimalize them.

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