September 30, 2022 Weekly Musings

Christine Alfery

Posted on September 30 2022

September 30, 2022 Weekly Musings


Philadelphia Water Color Society’s 122nd International Exhibition

The work, "Gypsy," has been accepted into the Philadelphia Water Color Society’s 122nd Anniversary International Exhibition of Works on Paper.

This year's exhibition will be held at Chester County Arts Association in West Chester, PA from November 1 - 30, 2022.

Gypsy has also been honored in The Cincinnati Art Clubs ViewPoint 54 Exhibition and the 43rd International Juried Exhibition sponsored by the Pennsylvania Watercolor Society.

Christine is a signature member of the Philadelphia Watercolor Society and the Pennsylvania Watercolor Society.


Fall Northwoods Art Tour

The fall North Woods Art Tour is right around the corner!  October 7-9.  This video gives you a little taste of what it feels like to get a behind-the-scenes looks at some of the North Woods' finest artists studios and galleries, including mine!  

Click HERE to schedule a tour. NOTE: I will be opening up my studio a day earlier on Thursday for the tour.


Yesterday was a wonderful high energy day for me!

Yesterday was a wonderful high energy day for me. And I would like to share some parts of it with you all. It began when I got a random text from a person that I didn’t know about my work. I get a lot of those so I usually respond and move on, but this one was different. It began this way; “Hi! I attended the Rocky Mountain National Watercolor Exhibition reception on Friday evening. I just wanted to let you know that your piece was one of my very favorites in the show!!! (heart emoji)”

My response: “Thanks for telling me. It’s people like you that will keep the arts going and rich within our culture. If you get a chance I would love to have you visit my website and let me know what you think. ps. Any chance that are you related to an Avon?”

Response: “No, I am not. You can also visit my website:"

So I visited her website and responded to her, “Oh my gosh you are a VIP, a Dolphin Fellow with the American Watercolor Society. Wow! What an honor that you like my work. Thanks very much.”

As a side note, the American Watercolor Society is like the gold standard for all watercolor artists. I have been applying and not getting into their exhibitions for years. To be a Dolphin Fellow means that she has gone past signature status and is at the very top of the group. I share this with you because you only see posts from me regarding national and international exhibitions that I get into. However, I get as many rejections as I get acceptances. I just wanted you to know that the journey is hard and not paved with yellow bricks. But the key for me is "possibilities and just keep moving forward."

Another thing to note is that this artist, Chris Krupinski, is just about on the opposite end of the spectrum when it comes to style and ways of painting. She is a realist – a really really good realist. I highly recommend you all checking out her site and you can see how shocked I was to get her email and why it gave me a ton of energy.

Chris Krupinski not only “plays” things forward and celebrates the arts in everything she does, but her text was an outstanding example of how difference should work within our culture. That’s one of the things I talk about in my blogs all the time. It’s also the one thing that my series, “The Space In The Middle” and “Rugged Individualism” along with the newly emerging series, “The Landscape of the Self - Prisms of Difference,” are all about.

She was also so kind as to allow me to quote her next text to me on my website: “That painting had everything right about it. Slightly off center nailed the composition… The complementary color juxtaposition created such a dynamic look. The simplicity of the subject matter allowed me to explore the entire painting. Just love it. You should have gotten an award.”

I am honored to have had this text exchange with Chris. She just confirms what I believe in – “playing” things forward and how important arts and artists are to our culture.

No wonder I was filled with energy!

I also want to mention that Chris Krupinski received an award in this exhibition.





Featured image: Totem

What are totems? 

history, representations

life’s journey symbols

of our dreams for

the future tomorrows


The Sanctuary of Silence

 Featured image: Silence

The silence how easily, 

how naturally 

I slip myself into its sheer pleasure.  

The silence for me is like writing a love letter to myself

slipping the letter into an envelope, 

tying a ribbon around it.

every once in a while I untie that ribbon 

let all those treasured things, to be felt again – 

like the silence. Wonderful. 



Featured image: Pause


Sunlight on dewdrops

Sunlight on dewdrops

Sunlight on dewdrops

………… Pause


Different Silences

 Featured image: Leaves

The silence is so different here.  

How can silence be different? 

Silence is silence right?  

Maybe not.  

Perhaps silence comes from how still things are? 

And how still the movement is. 

How can movement be still and silent?  

Just a single leaf twists in the breeze. It is moving, it is silent. 


Your Space

Featured image: La De Da

Your personal space and your community space.

Is your space fixed with new insights, new perspectives, new examples, new options, new alternatives and new doors to walk through?

I imagine the space in the middle to be like that.


Just One Monarch

Featured image: Monarch

I only saw one monarch butterfly this season. Although there were tons of caterpillars to see, there was just the one monarch butterfly.

AND by chance, I saw the butterfly land on a flower in my garden. I grabbed my camera, ran out and snapped this beautiful shot.

How random was the shot? Very. I clicked many times, hoping that I would get at least one shot with the wings open. The whole time that I was clicking I thought that I was missing the shot. But, when I looked back through the snippets, I was graced with a great show.

Life is like that – taking many shots at things and in the end you are graced with the beautiful rhythm of life.



New Works

Charting Pathways



Periwinkle Flowers


Blue Melts Into Golden


Weekly Haikus

Prisms of Color Within

Featured image: Sunshine and Rainbows

Prisms within the
Self rainbows of color Otherness 
exists together.



Featured image: Your Path

Good questions to ask anytime.
What - When – Who- How
When: Diid you create it?
Who: Did you really create it?
What: Are you made of?

Good questions to ask about yourself.
What: are you made of?
How: Did you create yourself?
When: did you find your spirits – have you found your spirit?
Who: Did you really create yourself or did someone else?


Locked Mind

Featured image: Linus II - Wind Up Toy

Free your senses leave
Your locked mind
Feel the earth
It breathes with you
Landscapes, oceans, stars, birds, stone flowers.


To Find YOU

Featured image: Pendelum

To find you – you need to dig deeply. Do you know who you are? Not the reflection in the mirror, not what others say you
are. Your uniqueness, your choices, experiences. The path to self is narrow. The journey is hard. It takes a long time. you
are worth it, find yourself. Honor your – self, spirit and soul. Honor the gypsy in you.



Featured image: Shoreline

great stillness
You are never lonesome here
Always embrace


Dawn Light

Featured image: Kissed by the Sun

Subtle color
Tenderness settles here
Glory of light


Let It Be

Featured image: Sacred Earth

Let the mystery become
Let it be
Let it be
Whisper words of mystery
Let it be
Let the rhythm of mystery
surround you
let it be


Before Creating

Featured image: Designed

Edge of nothingness
before creating from be…
gins soul, emerges
creating yourself take time
patience grace
awaken spirit allow
the presence of grace to


This Is A State Of

Featured image: Life Is Like A Box Of Chocolates

This is a state of
Grace and it is
Hard to reach
To feel grace's presence
to feel its pulse

Love your fate
Yield to happiness
And discontent
Do not try to be
Something you are not


No Nourishment

Featured image: Threshold

Images of self are merely
Fields of famine that
Yield no nourishment
Self is within you not outside


Silver Mist

Featured image: Fishing at the Top of the World

Dawn drizzly sky
Silver mist obscures
The other shore
Lake is cooling


Raindrops and Snowflakes

Featured image: Coffee in the Rain

Raindrops silver the
Air – brighten the fall color
Before Snowflakes seal the earth



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