September 29, 2023 Weekly Journal

Christine Alfery

Posted on September 29 2023

September 29, 2023 Weekly Journal

Featured image: Which Path Should I Take


Your Mind Sings - Listen Receives Award

Your Mind Sings - Listen Receives Award
I'm honored that my work titled ,“Your Mind Sings - Listen” was awarded “Best of Show, Max and Gracie ISEA Founders Award” recipient in the 2023 ISEA 31st Annual Innovations Juried International Exhibition. 

Artist statement about the work and the process:

The controlled mapping of the face, and the controlled brushwork within the mapping, were so different for me. I pride myself on never coloring within the lines. While I was frustrated with the lack of free spontaneous marking and form-making that I so enjoy when creating, I continued to fill in the spaces to see where the work would take me.

Later when I returned to work, I immediately created the red-orange hair and was able to stand back and say "she is finished." I listened to the music the work was singing to me. At first, with the controlled mark-making it was like a controlled symphony slowly, slowly building and then a crescendo of the symphony happened with a burst of red-orange hair, making the work very experimental for me. In the end I enjoyed the statement the work made, it speaks of the contrast of robotic control, the machine, and the fluid flow of creativity.

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Beauty's Path

Beauty's Path

 Featured image: Which Path Should I Take

“Each path she followed lead to beauty.

Stream. pool, waterfall

rocks so thick with moss bushes heavy with berries

elder, black thorn, sour crab-spples. “  Jackie Morris



Do You Wonder?

Do You Wonder?
Featured image: The Miracle of Life and Growth


do you ever wonder

who passed this way?

     this way being where

     ever you are

when did they pass?

how did they pass?

do you feel them?

     feeling their

… rhythm?

earth such a rich,

rich ….. complex


and oh the stories

that lie within.




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