September 23, 2022 Weekly Musings

Christine Alfery

Posted on September 23 2022

September 23, 2022 Weekly Musings


As The Wind Blows Receives Award

The Texas Watercolor Society just announced that Christine Alfery's work "As The Wind Blows" was recognized by judge Karen Knutson, with the Third Place Award.  





Featured image: Painted Bird Wind Up Toy

Something to think about when you think about your independence and individuality - what is your soul and your spirit? 

Is your soul a mere pattern with repeat colors?  Do you repeat what others do? If so, maybe it is time to reimagine and reinvent yourself.


The Change Factor

The Change Factor

Featured image: On My Way to the Circus

Why is it that people believe that if you change one factor in a complex situation, that everything else remains the same and unchanged?

That sure doesn’t happen in art creating, making and imagining – ever.   Why? Because they work with reality. Art works in the moment and when you change one thing in a work of art all of the things change in that work.




Featured image: Your Path

Is democracy and art, as it is understood today, an unlimited rule?

“ True patriotism springs from a belief in the dignity of the individual freedom and equality not only for Americans but for all people on earth.”   Eleanor Roosevelt.

Does democracy determine right and wrong? 

If democracy is determined by the majority, does that mean right and wrong can be determined by the majority? According to some, the answer to that question should be yes if democracy is determined by the majority. That concerns me because what then happens to the individual?    And what happens to individual freedom? The word democracy has changed today. Why?

Democracy used to mean the right of the individual. The individual was protected under the constitution. I am not seeing that anymore.  Perhaps, that is why there is so much repetition in the arts today. Individuals just aren’t as important anymore. Art is going the way that America’s democracy is going. The understanding of art is changing. because the individual is excluded.  

There are many who don’t like that art is dominated by the individual, but honestly those spaces are so few and far between – perhaps we should protect that space of the individual.  It is certainly what I champion.  For me, art has never been dominated by another’s unlimited rule.

For as long as I can remember, the individual artist has determined what is right and wrong for them and their work.  If an individual artist determines to live on what he/she creates then selling their work must be taken into account when they create.  If an artist feels they are entitled to be supported by something else because they are different and creative, then they are beholden to who supports them.  If an artist determines to support themselves and can’t make it by selling what they create because no one wants it, then the artist must choose what is more important to them.  

Being creative isn’t anything special. It is just taking the hand of cards you were dealt and playing them the best way that you know how.  Being creative isn’t a “better” different than anyone else's kind of different.  It is all about your uniqueness and how you share it with others. 


An Individual's Life

An Individual's Life

Featured image: Migration Trail

Supreme value

An individual's life

Anything else confuses

Soul, spirit, self




Featured image: Flicker


Rivulets of song

Slivers of melodies bass

Droplets harmonies 

Staccato squacks Black 

bird calling

Drum rolls

Out of tune

Being herself





Featured image: Nuthatch

Hush hush

Talking, babble, song

Exclaiming urgent chants

Hush, hush she is here


Warbling Warbler

Warbling Warbler

 Featured image: Chubby Checkers

I love collecting 

Things … Including words, glori…

ous, Words, words, that are 

differently used 

Used in different 

Places…Places where they don’t 

Belong warbling warbler


Sacred Earth

Sacred Earth
Featured image: Sacred Earth

Waters forever-
ness, where horizon meets the
sky. Wild divinity trees.
reaching for the heavens.
Sacred earth


When You Travel

When you travel
Featured image: Travelers

when you travel you
find yourself alone attentive
to your heart, spirit, soul,
self. they unexpectedly
Illuminate your
way follow their compass their
light. follow the light.



Bouquet of Wilderness

Bouquet of Wilderness

Featured image: Bouquet of Wilderness

Bouquet of Wilderness
Flowers are like you,
Filled with wilderness and beauty.
A bouquet of wild-
-Erness for your heart and soul.



The Glory of the Mind

Featured image: Direction

The glory of the

Mind filled with perceptions


fields, endless unknown

Infinite forever


The Sanctuary of Silence

The Sanctuary of Silence

 Featured image: Silence

The silence how easily, 

how naturally 

I slip myself into its sheer pleasure.  

The silence for me is like writing a love letter to myself

slipping the letter into an envelope, 

tying a ribbon around it.

every once in a while I untie that ribbon 

let all those treasured things, to be felt again – 

like the silence. Wonderful. 


New Works:

Sacred Earth


Bouquet of Wilderness


New Beginnings - Orchid Sprouts






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