September 1, 2023 Weekly Jounal

Christine Alfery

Posted on September 01 2023

September 1, 2023 Weekly Jounal

Featured image: Be Different


Earth's Weaving

Featured image: North Shore Canada

Thinking of a weaving
of sunlight, dew, air and
a weaving with the air
     I breathe
a weaving of magical spaces
     for birds
weaving spaces for
     the webs of
     yet making
     with the
thinking of Earth's weaving



Earth's Spirit

Featured image: Earth Sings

Earth's quiet natureEarth's spirit
soothing her spirit
and the spirits
before her
the spirits to come 



Cycles and Circles

Featured image: Earth's Energy

She is honored
to be a small part
     a very small part
of Earth's great
cycles open circles to



Her Balance

Featured image: Her Song - She Has Always Marched To The Tune Of A Different Drummer

She dances with
     The earth
She spins with the earth
She is alive
She hears 
     The trees talking
She smells wildflowers
     Sweet sweet fragrance.
And she feels in balance
     With the rocks on 
     The shore




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