Blog: Self - ish

Christine Alfery

Posted on August 30 2021

Blog: Self - ish

Featured image: Bearing Fruit

The concept of “self” has for the most part been linked to a person's mystical soul, spirit, or body.  For me, self is all about an individuals mind and how they think.  

Self has nothing to do with social identifiers that classify an individual such as when you were born, yellow, pink, white, green, tall or short. Why do I say that? Because these identifiers place self within a category, a group, where others are the same as they are, like a group for brown, yellow, pink, white, green, tall or short.  

The word same, should never be linked to the concept of self.  Self, is a unique, one-of-a-kind individual who is unlike any other.  Self is the one thing that no one or group, can take from an individual.  Self is your unique wonderful mind.  If you don’t use your mind then you give you power away.  

The word self has  never been a negative word, but when a suffix is added to the word self, like ish – and the word self becomes the word selfish – a whole new meaning to the word happens.  

The word selfish within our culture doesn’t not have many positive elements linked to it.  The word self, is lost when it is linked with the suffix “ish” to it.   

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