Blog: Robin at My Feeder

Christine Alfery

Posted on April 16 2019

Robin At My Feeder by Christine Alfery
Featured image: Robin At My Feeder

I have never had robins come to my feeders before but this year there are several as the ground is still frozen and there is no grass to peck at for worms.  This last snow seemed to throw every critter off except the grey squirrels they are still chasing each other scampering in search for their buried treasures and fighting over every dropped seed.  Yesterday one robin sat in one of the squirrel hole for at least 30 minutes,  I don’t know if it was warm there or if the robin was warming up the ground in hopes a worm would pop up.  Today the sun is shining and the weather is turning the corner towards spring.  In the 50’s all week.

I have decided the bird series should be a challenge for me – so am trying to keep to just watercolor.  It is a struggle.  For example – this robin I had to work on his form a bit and just couldn’t accomplish it with just watercolor.  So I will do it again and hopefully that one will work.  Not that this robin isn’t beautiful – I just want to see if I can change.  Good challenge for me.  So you might see him again but different.

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