Blog: Play Freckles, Play

Christine Alfery

Posted on September 16 2021

Blog: Play Freckles, Play

Featured image: Play Freckles Play

My first dog that was mine and no one else’s, not the family dog, was a Heinz 57 variety dog that I picked up at the dog pound. Today they are called animal shelters. I named her Freckles because she had freckles on her nose. I tried to train her to sit, come, stay and all of those other dog commands. But, my favorite command came from my brother-in-law Larry. He would say: “Play Freckles, play” and then he would toss her ball to her. Sometimes, we forget to include play in our lives. We forget how important it is to just “play.”

A wonderful thing for me about creating art is that I get to play every day. And, like Freckles, I was never very good at, still am not very good at, following commands and directions.

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