Blog: Opening – aka Souls in a Can

Christine Alfery

Posted on June 18 2020

Free At Last by Christine Alfery

Featured image: Free At Last

As many Wisconsinites often do, my family had beans and brats for dinner recently.  I gazed at the can opener as the handle twisted round and round, opening the can, freeing the contents inside.  A thought drifted into my mind about freedom – who has the power to open the lid to our souls – freeing what is inside? 

Who can free the souls that are trapped with no voice, no sense of self.  Those spirits who don’t even try to shout or cry, rather simply follow the crowd, letting others think for them.  Artificial lives waiting . . . waiting . . . waiting . . . following – like spirits trapped in a can.  Laughter trapped, lives trapped, spirits trapped.

When I create I seek freedom.  As an artist I value that true inspired unique art will never be trapped in a can waiting for someone to open the lid.  Art opens the can – it lest your soul, your spirit, your voice glow.  It allows you to be you.  True art does not allow itself to be trapped in a can. 


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