October 21, 2022 Weekly Musings

Christine Alfery

Posted on October 21 2022

October 21, 2022 Weekly Musings


Finches and Eagles

Featured image: Eagle II

finches’ wings flapping
against the wind tough going
struggle keep trying

eagle soaring high
gliding circling blue
same wind difference

Different cards
Different players
same wind


Turtle Story

Featured image: Creation: Legend of the Turtle

To most tribes the turtle also represents healing, wisdom, spirituality, health, safety, longevity, protection, and fertility. Some Native Americans believe that the turtle contributed to creation because the turtle dove into the primeval waters to retrieve mud to create Mother Earth.


Different Drummer

Featured image: Her Song - She Has Always Sang To The Tune Of A Different Drummer

If she does not keep up with others, or moves quicker than they do, perhaps it is because she hears a different drummer. Let her speak to the music she hears, however measured or far away. Let her sing her song - even though it is to a different drummer. Listen to the music she sings.



Featured image: Imagination

Legacy….. we hear that word a lot lately now that the political season is in full swing. Have you ever thought of what you are doing or what you are creating to leave as a legacy? Something you will be remembered for? Sure, you want to be remembered but do you actually want to create a legacy so that you can be remembered for it. And, then, do you want to live your life to fulfill that legacy?

Personally, I don’t create to just create a legacy. I change too much. And I don’t want to be remembered as creating just because I wanted to create a legacy for myself. Rather, I look at the legacy of nature. If we can apply that word, “legacy,” to nature, then I think I would like to be remembered as nature is remembered. I would like to be remembered as a flowing steam, clear in the spring from the snow melt of winter. A spring that changes to a river and flows, flows, flows into something larger than the sea or ocean with wonderful blues and greens and sea creatures swimming within my embrace. Or, perhaps my soul would be a tree, a maple tree with sap running in the spring, sticky and sweet, becoming new each season, with sturdy roots in the earth, and leaves that change color in the fall. A tree that has leaves that blow with the wind. Nature’s changes are like my changes and I wish to be remembered as blending, bending and changing with the flow of the river and the caress of the wind.

Legacy, are we really just that one thing we can be remembered for like the politicians talk about. For me that seems so silly. Live your life, go with the flow, dance with the wind and I believe you will be living a full life that all will remember without a defined legacy.



Featured image: The Awakening

Awaken gather
wisely keep fresh, transform
yourself quiet your
heart, receive the gifts
of wonderful peace and love




Featured image: The Strings We Attach To Things

Friends why do we have
them? Are they just a social
adhesive or more?


Featured image: Storm Dances
Inky black cloud
Slowly moves across the lake
Crystal clear water changes 
to an opaque indigo.  
For a magical 
moment the golden 
nugget of sun remains




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