October 13, 2023 Weekly Journal

Christine Alfery

Posted on October 13 2023

October 13, 2023 Weekly Journal

Thank You for Joining the Art Tour

I wanted to extend my heartfelt gratitude to each and every one of you for joining the art tour this past weekend. Despite the challenging weather conditions on Friday and Sunday, your presence made the event truly remarkable. It's always a pleasure to be in the company of art lovers, and I cherish the beauty of diversity and appreciation for creativity that you all bring. It's a delight to engage in three full days of passionate discussions about art and to share my ideas with such an enthusiastic audience.

On a related note, I'm thrilled to share that my solo exhibition will be taking place at the New Visions Gallery in the Marshfield Clinic, Marshfield, from January 5th to March 1st. I hope you can make it to the exhibition and continue our artistic journey together.

Once again, thank you for making the tour an unforgettable experience. Your support and passion for the arts are greatly appreciated.

Warm regards,




Featured image: Roller Coaster Ride

“It is not the agony of the quest, but the rapture of the revelation” Joseph Campbell




Featured image: Leap of Faith

“Truths never change, only their historical context.” ~James Nathan Muir


Yours and Yours Alone

Yours and Yours Alone

Featured image: Bottlebrush Waterlily

You as a person must do your thinking, learning and development of a system you can live by.  For me, it is a system of how I relate to nature. And, in turn, how this thinking translates into who I am and how I think and create as an artist.  

It’s hard work and many would rather not do the work, but you cannot be you until you do.

The way you think, learn, and develop should be yours and yours alone.


No Trace

No Trace

Featured image: Eagle's Nest, River and Terns

Watching two 

birds soar

within the energy of an

air current.

Their movement is

wonderful, delightful, 

so glorious.  And

the beauty of it all

is that their

movement leaves

no trace.  


New Works:

Koi II






Koi IV



Homestead by the River

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