Blog: Object Culture Part XII words continued. Aesthetic continued

Christine Alfery

Posted on March 02 2021

Blog: Object Culture Part XII  words continued. Aesthetic continued

Featured image: Yellow Bowl Blue Bowl

Getty’s aesthetic moment example happens to me every time I prepare my coffee in the morning. I like milk in my coffee and a spoonful of maple syrup. When I add the milk and syrup to the coffee they are like the blue paint in the clear water. Slowly slowly they blend into the coffee and change its properties. They lose their individuality and become part of the coffee.

Life, and art are like the milk and syrup, like the blue paint mixing with other elements. The key is how do we maintain that wonderful aesthetic moment when they are still both unique and individual. For example, why does the milk become part of the coffee and not the coffee becomes part of the milk? Why is it called coffee with cream and not cream with coffee?

The key is not to let the element of the coffee, or the blue water, overtake the elements of the clear water and the milk and syrup. The question becomes, how to maintain the aesthetic moments, the individuality, the beautiful ethics associated with uniqueness, genuineness, in a thing in itself, in an artwork and in life.

The key is that you have to always remember that you are unique and individual and you don’t need to have your coffee become the same kool-aid that you drink with everyone else.

I am not saying there should never be group thinking. Group thinking is important when it comes to the essential governance for a culture to survive, but groups should always be thought of as filled with unique individuals and not as individuals who all think alike. The group is technical color not grey.

Art today seems to be part of group thinking even with all of its correct speech and recognition of how different cultures think of art and how it is produced. The problem becomes when these groups are all grey and not technical colored.

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