November 12, 2021 Weekly Musings

Christine Alfery

Posted on November 12 2021

November 12, 2021 Weekly Musings


Exaggeration and Exuberance

Featured image: Inukshuk - Kasba Lake

The journeys through lakes, rivers, canyons, meadows and mountains are very reflective for me. As are my journeys with my art paints, crayons, colored pencils, pencils and various papers.

In my reflections, I imagine a wildness that could be found beyond the stars, or beyond infinite horizons. It is hard to define from these journeys the beauty and wonder that has given meaning to my life.

As an artist with these wonderfully beautiful memories and journeys – I exaggerate with exuberance and excitement about something I have stored from my journeys and want to share. But is it exaggeration when I talk about and paint the song of the finch, the sunrise or sunsets? Is it exaggeration to share the wind and the songs within the woods? Is it exaggeration when I share about the streams, lakes and rivers when I speak and when I paint? Or is it just who I am and how I share?

For me, the exaggerating with exuberance are the "yes, yes, yeses" that I am very connected to somehow.


Labels That Define Art

Featured image: Absolutely Delicious

I am pretty sure that there are many architectural buildings that could be defined/labeled as “art.” The Opera House in Sydney Australia, by Jorn Utzon, the Milwaukee Art Museum by Santiago Calatrava, and many of the innovative houses by Frank Lloyd Wright to list a few.

And I am pretty sure there are many scores of music which are also understood as “art.” For me, it is the artistic sounds that the Three Tenors create with very classical and contemporary musical scores. I am sure that they wouldn’t be the choice of many people out there, but for me, the Three Tenors hit the spot.

What makes these things art? That is a question, that hasn’t been answered to anyone’s satisfaction. As long as this question can’t be answered and as long as what is and isn’t art changes and moves artistic venues forward, then I am ok with art’s definition being illusive.

I used to have a friend, I say used to because he doesn’t debate me anymore, and doesn’t correspond like he used to. When we discussed art, and debated upon what was art, we never settled on what art is. He kept thinking that I was excluding his media, which was digital, as not a proper media for art. I always took the position that media does not define art, which is why I began this blog with architecture and music.

I did, however, take the position that not all architecture or music or what ever is being called “art” today should be called art. For example anything about art that defines itself as “the art of” say hair, cigars, etc isn’t art. It is a technique that requires talent to create. However, that doesn’t make it art.

What makes one thing art and another not is easier to identify than to define what “art” is. For example, I do believe that there are different levels and classifications of art objects.Historians and our culture have made sure of that. When I speak of "our culture," I am speaking of the Western/American culture that seems to like to classify and label things. So, why not classify and label art?

I am quite sure that if art is to remain illusive, it is not a good idea to label and classify it. Classifying and labeling art seems to destroy the concept of art all together. What are we destroying when we label and classify? We destroy the entire power of the word, and the freedom and authenticity it embodies.

Many use the word art to attempt to use its power to give themselves power. Sort of like when others use another three letter word “God” to imply their power is God like. There are many gods out there, but to my knowledge there is only one who had a Son who died for all mankind's sins and that set us free.

How I understand the concept of “art” is how I understand the person Jesus Christ. Art sets me free, and there is an enormous power in that. To give it up would destroy the very concept of “art.” It would no longer be free.


Glorious Day

Spent Sunday in my favorite sanctuary.
Glorious day - wonderful reflections.



Featured image: Campfire

Watching the pit fire during these chillier fall evenings, and watching the sun setting is glorious. Just glorious! As I linger for one more moment longer, the sky darkens and I notice a very bright star in the south. It must be a planet as it so bright and the other stars haven’t come out yet. I am reminded of how small the earth actually is as it moves with the stars, and in turn, how small I am as I sit on my porch with a pit fire watching the end of another glorious day.


Comes From the Heart

Featured image: Loving You

Art will always be right if it is real and true and comes from the heart.


Grey Skies

Featured image: A Cloud In The Sky

Grey skies, eagles calling, the wind moving gently through the trees.
Colored leaves falling, twisting, turning and dancing to the ground.
The lawn is dappled with brown, yellow and gold.
On a wonderful morning, like this I am reminded of the mystery and beauty of all things in life. I am reminded of everything yes, yes, YES. 


Golden Moon

Featured image: Dancing in the Moonlight

Golden moon moving slowly across the nighttime sky.
Reflections on the smooth lake.
Yes, yes, yes, to all things bright and beautiful.
Reflecting on these things
And the gift of life makes all things
Wonderful and special.


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