Blog: My Red Umbrella

Christine Alfery

Posted on September 19 2021

Blog: My Red Umbrella

Featured image: Under My Red Umbrella

Sitting under my red umbrella in my Adirondack chair I watch as the wind carries sheets of rain gently pass the gardens and into the woods. The wind and rain twist and play with the leaves and branches in the woods. Pines, birch, maple and oak are all changing the green colors of the leaves as they twist and turn with the wind, making them darker lights, the raindrops fall.

My red umbrella creates a cocoon around me, keeping me dry – sheltered. I imagine "self" that way. I imagine it under a red umbrella, as I protect it from so many who wish to destroy my uniqueness and individuality by telling me that I don’t need the red umbrella, they will shelter me. Ah, but I do need that red umbrella , for it is mine, and I choose it.

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