Blog: Muddy Colors

Christine Alfery

Posted on August 09 2020

Blog: Muddy Colors

What is art? The answer does not depend on context, content, or media used. Art is the result of a creative endeavor – flexible and constantly changing. It is not something that is guaranteed to happen if you follow steps 1-10. Creatives, like their work, need to be flexible, and thus the meaning of “art’ is continually redefined.

Creativity helps us to visualize, to understand, to think differently about an object. Within the heart of the creative all possibilities can be equally true. Possibilities lie dormant inside the creative heart, soul, spirit, self - just waiting to be.

Creatives accept difference and otherness. Creatives recognize individuality and uniqueness within everything. We are all comprised of many colors – no one color can define us. Creatives do not try to blend everything together to be the same – like taking 1000 colors and mixing them all together. When you do this no one color stands out – all the colors become a muddy brown. 

Otherness defines. Creatives accept difference knowing that it give balance. Without balance there would be nothing but muddy brown. As a creative I celebrate a world full of vibrant color. 

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