Blog: Leather Leggings

Christine Alfery

Posted on November 27 2019

Blog: Leather Leggings

Featured image: Pathways Created

Standing in a crowd waiting for my vende vanilla latte from Starbucks to be made, I noticed there was another short person standing next to me.  People watching is something I really enjoy when I am in a situation like this. There was a very cute short person (female) standing next to me.  When she took a step forward to see if her name was on the cup of coffee just offered to the crowd, I happened to notice how great she looked in her leggings.  They were some sort of compression leggings that just smoothed her out in all the right places. As an older individual I haven’t ventured into the leggings fad.  In the 60’s when I was this person’s age, the going rage was stirrup pants. They had the same effect on a young body and we all wore them.  

When this person stepped back, in my usual friendly manner I said, “I just love your leggings.  You look great in them.” She said, “Thanks.” I asked if they were a special material since they had a great dull shine to them, trying to find out if they were compression leggings, and hoping they might be so I could look like her if I put them on my old not very tight thighs.  She cheerfully offered, “I love them, too. They are fake leather.” I replied, “Well, you look great in them.”  

What I really wanted to ask her, completely out of context  but in my heart and mind, I immediately thought, when someone walks into your living area and comments on whatever you have on the wall saying,  “Oh my gosh where did you get that art work?” does one freely offer the reply, “Thank you, it’s a fake painting.”

My guess is, you don’t. You go along with the game and pretend that what you have on the wall is real and you can establish yourself as an art patron, collector, and lover.  My question is, why, oh, why isn’t it an original? It could just be a small original and you wouldn’t have to pretend you have a real artwork. Just saying.

Give the gift of original art this Christmas.  There are many many artists, real artists, who would love to share their work with you.  And work within your budgets.

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