Blog: La De Da De

Christine Alfery

Posted on October 06 2021

Blog: La De Da De

Featured image: La De Da

To sustain life, it requires the use of one’s mind. Yesterday I stood back and got a different perspective of a huge work that I was creating. There was a section that I just did not like. So I started to fix it, and I repeated what I usually do when fixing a part of a work that I don’t like. However, repeating what I had done in the past did not do the trick. Discouraged, I simply took a large palette knife and erased the entire section I didn’t like.

I uncovered some beautiful marks underneath my patch. This process allowed me to move on and work with and explore new and different spaces and marks. For the most part, I just left them the way that they were as it worked How I was thinking about the work when I started changed completely.

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