Blog: Just What is an Artist?

Christine Alfery

Posted on August 25 2019

Never Look Back

Featured image: Never Look Back

I believe an artist is never just one of the sheep in a herd of sheep. An artist should never feel that they are one in many but rather, they are one within themselves. They should know they are an individual, unique and one of a kind.  If artists don’t honestly recognize a powerful creative force within themselves, if they can’t hear the screaming and shouting within themselves they need to question just what is it they are. Because this force exists, and is extremely powerful. True artists recognize if they don’t embrace this force they will never become the creative force they were destined to become. They will miss opportunities and possibilities and hinder their very life, dampening its soul and spirit. Why do I say that? Because an artist should never be discouraged with a challenge, with a failure, but rather sees both as possibility.

An artist learns from the challenges, and failures and what they have learned has become part of who they are and is reflected in the objects they create. An artist should never shrink from failure or a challenge but rather, embrace it. Artists realize there is more than being a member of many, there is so much more to creating and being an artist than just fitting in.  It is the ability and willingness to stand alone in their uniqueness that makes an artist.

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