June 30, 2023 Weekly Musings

Christine Alfery

Posted on June 30 2023

June 30, 2023 Weekly Musings

Featured image: Wise Raven II


Sunday Morning

Featured image: Sunrise in the Morning at the Lake

Sunday morning
      God's day
sun rises slowly over
      the horizon
still waters
pink sky
orange lines
lime green


The Circle

Featured image: Circle of Life

The circle
The circle
No beginning
No end


Beautiful Ravens

Featured image: Evening at the Feeder

Tilted purple black neck
they watch her as she
watched them, Tilted heads purple-
black necks stretch Beautiful 
ravens, Beautiful ravens.



She Comes

Featured image: Miracles of All Things Natural

she comes
sunlit silent grey stoic
rock billions of years old
moss covered boulders
water breaks as she passes by
fresh, clean fragrance
tumbled rocks on the hillside
stairways of stone
chaos and order all in the same place


New Works: 

Wise Raven II



Sunset North Shore Canada



Miracles of All Things Natural






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