January 27, 2023 Weekly Musings

Christine Alfery

Posted on January 27 2023

January 27, 2023 Weekly Musings



Featured image: Transparent Wings and Sunshine - Dragonfly

Sunlight plays with the trees
Stillness of the
Pines transformed
wild places

When He Looks At Me

Featured image: Just Saying I Love You

When he looks at me
his gaze holds such wonder
he tells me I am beautiful
as he holds my face
cupped in his hands.
I say …. I love you so.

Your Place

Featured image: Heading Home

Do I miss you when you are gone?
Do I rejoice when you return?
Your place, your special place
Your place on this earth
Your place on this earth.

Light's Magic

Featured image: Kaleidoscope Of Raw Reality: We Are So Small – Northern Lights

The magic of light,
frequently gives us a
glimpse into
the mysterious-ness
that dwells within us.

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