Blog: Is Your Soul In Your Work?

Christine Alfery

Posted on January 29 2021

Blog: Is Your Soul In Your Work?

Featured image: Release of the Doves

How do you know when your soul is in your work?  For me when I watch viewers of my work (or any work for that matter) in an exhibition, or online, if the viewer quickly clicks through a website and doesn't stop to seriously look at a work, or when a viewer walks quickly by a work,  you just know that your soul is not in it. You know that the work is not as unique and original and one of a kind as you and your soul are.  Your work, your soul did not reach out to the viewer, but when your soul does reach out to them - it is a very  magical moment.  

If your soul is frightened, cornered it will be evident in your work.  If your soul is dancing, it will be evident in your work.  In the few times your soul touches another's soul,  treasure it, it is magical, it is precious.

How do you find your soul? Your spirit? Yourself?  It takes a lifetime.  It can’t be rushed, and it changes over time.  I personally began to feel and paint my soul when I realized that my soul, my spirit was grounded in the earth.  I have roots and I grow like a tree, or a plant.  I blow with the wind, and I chase fireflies. I wade in cool waters; I dive in oceans deep.  I am at home in the woods or on a large body of water. I realized, like nature, I am able to allow my soul to thrive if I don’t become cornered or frightened and if I place more emphasis on dance, and creating.  

This sounds wonderful and is probably a "yes, yes, yes" for all those reading this.  But it isn’t easy to honor your soul, your very own unique soul.  It's not easy to not get cornered or heal after being wounded. But unless you realize and value life and figure out a way to heal, your soul will never emerge and you will never experience the magic, never dance with the wind, sing with the birds and create like a wild woman who delights in presence.

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