Blog: Intellectual Property

Christine Alfery

Posted on August 09 2021

Blog: Intellectual Property

Featured image: May Robin

What is the value of an artist’s intellectual property?

Can you say, I am a painter (substitute your media) and an artist?

Or can you only say I am a painter (substitute your media)?

Being an artist requires thinking – learning what "art" is and isn’t. Then, you must know the difference.

Being art artist requires seeing ( hearing, touching, writing) learning and then knowing what is in front of you – knowing reality, life and in turn, truth.

Art used to be trapped in the mystical; "oh she is gifted," or "I love art because it meets my needs for meaning," or "art guides me," or "art allows me to transcend." Art used to be trapped by the idea of freedom such as being in the Garden of Eden before Eve took a bite from the forbidden fruit. The idea of freedom was a snobbish one that was granted only to those who understood one particular way of understanding the notion. That way was – well, mystical – before the apple in the Garden.

The concept/idea of art is no longer trapped. The art market has changed how “art” can be understood.

Art lovers became snobs. They weren't concerned about the mystical, but rather concerned about the turn around for their investment, or what is popular now. In the past, the thought of capitalism entering into the playground of “art” took away “art's” freedom.

For some reason, art lovers never link this loss of freedom when it comes to social practices. Perhaps it is because social practices are still trapped in the mystical, the unreality where others think for you.

Both the above examples of capitalism and socialism, steal freedom from the artist. The creator, the one who creates wonderful work that still relates to meaning, guidance and yes, perhaps transcendence. But today freedom is based in reality, an objective reality and objective truth where many colors can exist not just black and white.

And the “artist’s” reality today is based on their intellectual property. Intellectual property being their unique individuality, their one-of-a- kindness way of thinking about concepts differently and not being full of fear that it won’t be accepted. Why no fear? Because they know they are capable of “thinking” differently, even about the things they come up with and think about. We all have intellectual property; be we all don’t use it.

So what is the value of an Artists Intellectual Property?

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