Blog: Green Fields

Christine Alfery

Posted on June 25 2019

The Hills Art Alive, Green Fields

Imagine living your life every day, all the time as if no one was ever looking at you.  How would you live?  Grungy, dirty nails, messy hair, clothes that don’t match, no make up?  Or would you live with flamboyance, flair, extravagances of color, feathers, jewels, sparkles, ruby lips, glitter on your eye lashes? You get the picture. Or would you live simply, cleanly, minimalistic.  Imagine living with no judgement, no interpretation of why you are doing such and such. Imagine living without a political bias.  Imagine living freely.  You get the picture, can you imagine……… art being that way?  For me it always has been, true I have gotten sidetracked at times, and the practical side of me says create something that will be valued by others so I can put food on my table, so my electricity won’t be turned off, but then, but then, my soul, my spirit, myself always, always calls me back and the practical side of me finds another way to put food on the table and pay the bills.  The soul side of me, my self wants to create as if no one is looking.  The soul side of me creates with my senses, the soul side of me realizes that through my senses a wonderful one of a kind of piece will emerge.

Imagine “Green Fields.”  Sense the smell of the fresh water brook flowing downstream.  Sense the ripples the sun makes against the rocks in the stream, sense the sun flowing in waves against the tall grasses in the fields and the rocks in the mountains.  See the blue in the sky, and the white in the clouds.  Taste, taste the water from the cool mountain stream.  Hear the birds sing their song.

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