Blog: Don't Rock The Boat Part I

Christine Alfery

Posted on January 10 2022

Blog:  Don't Rock The Boat Part I

Featured image: Roller Skates

I wrote up the dream description shortly after I had the dream.  Time has passed and time changes all things.  So, my reflections on the dream written about 2 weeks after I had it reflect how much time I had to think about it – and wonder, did I make too much of a big deal about it?  Was it really what I thought about it?  Why would I get a message from God when there are so many who ask for Him to speak to them – why me?  Through all this thinking that feeling I had when I woke up won’t go away – for that I am very grateful. And for that I continue to take one day at a time, one step at a time, and they are baby steps, and I love feeling the glorious glow the dream gave me.

My Dec. 24th Dream - Part I

I had a dream last night filled with struggle, scary creatures and critters, battles, falling, finding solutions to a problem and blissful flying. Things were topsy-turvy as they usually are in a dream and out of sequence. And then, there were wonderful patches of white glittery wonder and safety. I have had those patches before in my dreams and they always cast a safety net over the world. They are glorious! In this one, animals were coming to drink. I have had these patches of glittery white substance before in my dreams. This might be why I love snow globes so much with their chaos and then the order. When I was slowly waking up and wanting to finish the dream, the dream filled with extremely wonderful glorious ideas and themes which I had to put together once I actually woke up. It is these ideas that I want to cling to and never let go. It is these ideas and imaginings that I can only assume are what the surrealists are talking about when they define dreams and imaginings as reality.

The reason I loved the dream so much and felt it was a miracle is because of these unrealistic, yet realistic imaginings. There were two different ideas tugging at each other in my dream. As I slowly began to wake, I began thinking and trying to make sense of it. When all the sudden, I started talking out loud about it – gloriously- to my hubby. I went on an on and became more and more excited about the meaning of the dream and I quickly went into the studio and wished Christ, "Happy Birthday.”

To be continued....  Click HERE to read Part II

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