Does art have a truth?

Christine Alfery

Posted on April 20 2022

Does art have a truth?

Featured image: Networking Bluebird

Does art have a truth, or is there a truth in how we understand and define art?
How we understand art is constantly changing, so how can art have a truth?

I believe art has a truth. That truth is that art is authentic, undisputed, genuine, not copied. I found this chart about authenticity online.

Notice most of the words that point to authenticity, are individualistic, genuine, real, value and integrity.

Can we apply all of these words to the truth in art? Yes, if we all agree that the truth in art comes from the artist's, authenticity, individualism, genuineness, realness, values, and integrity.

The truth in art comes from the artist who creates art. It doesn’t come from cultural or social stimulants. It comes from the reality, the authenticity of the arts.
Art is always changing because the individual artist is always changing. Remove the artist's creativity and imagination, remove the artist's authenticity and it is questionable if what you think is art really is.

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