Blog: Difference in the Arts

Christine Alfery

Posted on October 18 2018

Blog: Difference in the Arts

Featured image: Searching for Golden Nuggets

Difference in the arts exists in mediums used. Difference in the arts exists in concepts formed. Difference in the arts exists in contexts used. Difference defines originality. Difference defines the artists self in the work. Difference is what makes a work art. There is no equality in a work of art. Art stands out as unique – difference. And object doesn’t automatically become a work of art just because it is different, but it needs to be different in order for it to be art. Without difference there would be no art there would just be something that is monochromatic – something that matches everything.

Being an artist for most of my life I find it hard to understand the notion of equal. Again if all things are equal then there is no difference. So it is not easy for me to relate to this notion of social equality. It is not hard for me to understand that it is important to reach out and help another in need – but that doesn’t mean they are equal to or should eventually be like me my individuality and uniqueness. They are free to try to make their uniqueness shine, but they can’t take my glorious shimmer and apply it to themselves, I can’t make them equal to me and my uniqueness but they can create their own uniqueness and shimmer. That is difference that is what art is all about – and that is what finding the self is all about. I can’t create you, I can’t create a work of art and let you call it your work – it just doesn’t work that way.

So find your shimmer, find your difference, find your uniqueness and look for it when you are looking at an object that is labeled art. Always search for you golden nuggets.

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