Defining The Times

Christine Alfery

Posted on September 24 2021

Defining The Times

Featured image: Hummer IV

How art is defined and known is through philosophy. The historical period of time and the philosophy of the time is what causes the art within that period to become known and defined.

So, what does the 21st century’s art say about us?

Personally, I know what it is not saying. It does not tell us and define what the 21st century is.

Today, there is very little value in the art object. It has no morality and no ethics in regard to how folks in this century are living. There is no yearning to move forward with things from the past. There's no wobbly paths taken and recorded; everything happens in crisp straight lines. There's no curiosity, only an “I need the right answer” philosophy when there could instead, be many answers to a single problem. No creativity. No fine wine, just happy meals.

Granted, there are some works of art that the above doesn’t hold true, but only a few, and it has always been the many and the popular that seems to define the times.

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