Blog: Crooked Tree and Fluidity

Christine Alfery

Posted on March 17 2021

Blog: Crooked Tree and Fluidity

Featured image: On a High Note

As I looked at the tree trunk of a very crooked tree in the woods, noticing how it contrasted so wonderful with the happy, blue, white sky with touches of sunlight, I thought of its contrast. I thought of a carefully pruned tree in an English garden, manicured to perfection and an object of someone’s idea of beautiful.

How easily this contrast fits into my thoughts on art. The difference between the wild, crooked, unobjectified tree in the woods and the manicured perfection of the objectified tree in the garden. How wonderful it is for me to see a woods full of trees that are wild and growing freely. How wonderful it is to see unobjectified art pieces that come straight from the artist's soul and heart.

Unobjectified pieces are not ruled by rules and the way that things should be. Unobjectified objects are fluid and become part of what is. 

The next time that you look at a work of art, either yours or someone else’s, ask yourself, "Is it manicured and objectified or does it grow wild in the woods?" And then ask yourself which of the two would you prefer. If you choose the latter, then ask yourself why. Then, ask yourself who is manicuring my soul and spirit.

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