Blog: Cracks, Breaks and Ruptures

Christine Alfery

Posted on July 20 2017

Blog: Cracks, Breaks and Ruptures

Featured image: The General Sherman Tree – Sequoia National Park

When one sees the cracks, breaks and ruptures that come into play in all spaces – one can also see whether they have played in that space before and whether they want to play in this new space. I always go for it – thinking just perhaps something might emerge that has never emerged in this crack this newly ruptured space. I believe it is the job of an artist to find this rupture, emerge themselves in it and create and explore and create unique fresh ideas. I have fallen into the ruptured space of the of nonrepresentational abstract art and I am enjoying playing in this new sandbox, in this new space I have never played in before. Not only is my work changing, but so is my thinking that surrounds my work is changing. My work is my response to my explorations, discoveries in and about life, independence, individualism, living happily and freedom.

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