Blog: Christine's Wish

Christine Alfery

Posted on June 29 2021

Blog: Christine's Wish

Featured image: The Creative

There are not many people who understand the artist and the work that they do. I have been an artist for as long as I can remember. If I am pressured for a time frame, I tell them, "Kindergarten is the first memory I have of totally enjoying the flow of paint and color." What has been the driver of this love for creating? I paint for myself. It is my way of using my mind. I also paint for viewers' understanding so they know the reason why I create. They can only know that because they too use their mind to view the work. They view it for themselves. I paint, and when a viewer appreciates my work, I can feel that their appreciation comes from this understanding. That is the understanding that comes from the conscious judgement of the mind. Their mind, like mine, is able to judge my work by the same standards and values that went into me creating the work. They judge by the values, originality, one-of-a-kindness, freedom and independence.

It isn’t about the fact that they felt the work, but the fact that they feel what I felt when I created the work. It is not about the fact that they admire my work, but that they admire it and value it for the same reasons that I created it. There is only one passion for me, a passion I have regarding those who admire my work. The passion that I have more than anything else is that they share what I am trying to say from my heart, my soul and that they can feel that in their hearts, their souls. 

In a sense, I am a trader. I trade my passion for theirs and my soul, myself for the experiences of their souls, their selves. It is my wish that viewers and lovers of art experience my work from their soul –and that with that the experience they value the same things that I treasure and value: freedom, creativity, independence, one-of-a-kindness, playfulness, the ability to think and the fullness of life. It is my wish that viewers of my work experience themselves like I experience myself when I create the work.

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