Like Trees in the Forest aka Celebrate Difference

Christine Alfery

Posted on July 20 2020

Like Trees in the Forest aka Celebrate Difference

Cover painting:  Old Growth V by Christine Alfery (2019)

Every tree in the woods is different. Height, width, color, every leaf, every branch. 

 Big Pine and Chickadee by Christine Alfery (2020)

Each tree adjusts to where it was born and where it will grow.

New Life by Christine Alfery (2020)

 You are like the tree in the woods - different, in every way, from another. 

Pine Tree and Lilly Pads by Christine Alfery (c. 1980's)

It can be hard to be different.

The Learning Tree by Christine Alfery (2018)

We often struggle to value the “you” that you are, to value your difference.

General Sherman Tree - Sequoia National Forest by Christine Alfery (2018)

It seems easier to pretend we are like trees in a tree plantation – row after row of trees all seemingly the same, each tree trying to be like the others. But even in a tree plantation each tree is different - and so are you.

The Tree of Life by Christine Alfery (2011)

You were not created, planted, to be the same. 

Sowing the Seeds of Change by Christine Alfery (2020)

Like the tree in the woods, grow, learn, change based on where you are – remembering, unlike the tree, you can move from that place as you grow. 

Brown Landscape by Christine Alfery (c.1968)

You are the only you. 
You are different.
Celebrate you.

Old Growth II by Christine Alfery (2020)
Grow towards your sunlight.

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