Buying Art

Christine Alfery

Posted on March 09 2022

Buying Art

Featured image: The Wall

What are the reasons you stop in your tracks and look at a work of art?

What are the reasons you buy art?

Are they the same?

For me the reason that I stop, look and study a work of art are many and are the same.

  1. It is a wow piece that draws me into the content, and I find myself saying, What a wonderful way to express that concept or idea!" When I say that to myself, I know that the artist's hand, their individual unique hand, is present in the work.
  2. It is to study how the artist solved a particular problem. a recent example are the outlines I discovered on many of the paintings I observed at the Milwaukee Art Museum. Click HERE to read "Coloring In The Lines"
  3. How did the artist apply paint to get that effect?

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