Blog: What Is Your Style?

Christine Alfery

Posted on February 11 2021

Blog: What Is Your Style?

Featured image: Calico Rabbit

Calico Rabbit and Change

What is your style? Realism, abstraction, contemporary, traditional, impressionistic? Do you have a style? Do you favor landscapes over portraits? Personally, as you know, I have my style and my favorite. But, always running through my head is a voice telling me to change, to move beyond what is my favorites and what I'm comfortable with. Invariably, whenever I do attempt to try something different, I don’t like it – it is muddy and overworked. But heck, what have I got to lose? Nothing, so I keep trying. A couple of years ago I did my first figures since college days – and I keep trying – exploring – same with animals and other real like objects. I keep looking at them and asking myself, "Are they me?"

Well, yes, because I seem to want to explore and try. Many like the new birds and rabbits and figures. Others keep gravitating towards what they are used to seeing from me. But, many now are getting used to these other things – and I can’t say I am as comfortable with these other works, but I am getting there and finding a way.

Life is like that. Well, for me it is anyway. There are many things that change and I do find value in change. The spice of life for me, like salt and pepper on a meal, is to mix things up and see if they work and to learn always . Always learn from them.

Calico Rabbit is that way.

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