Blog: What Are Your Plans Today?

Christine Alfery

Posted on February 03 2021

Blog: What Are Your Plans Today?

Featured image: The Red Road

Many mornings over breakfast Brad will ask me, "So what are your plans for today?" And I usually answer, "I don’t know." I return by asking, "What are yours?" He usually gives me a list of things he is planning on getting to during the day. For me, if I do not have an idea about what I am going to do, I am good with that. I feel that it's better if I have no idea of how the day is going to be or what I am going to do in it. That way I can enjoy whatever comes up and I can decide to bake a cake if I want to. I am open, unbounded, willing to be surprised.

I love going with the flow not only in my paintings, but, also in my life. It seems to be less stressful for me that way. I am open and can receive whatever and bend with the wind. Dance with the wind. But also to take the Red Road - which according to legend is the good road. A good road for me is the red road.

Creativity is very fluid and I want to live a creative life. As an artist I believe that when I create a work of art, I recognize that I am choosing to honor my life and who I am. A work of art should honor your uniqueness and individuality.

To create a work of art you choose to live, honor and control your existence through your work. The choice is a hard one because you are choosing to actually create a work of art rather than borrow the ideas of another and call it art. And, to put yourself out there is hard. Really hard. But, it is more important to you that you honor who you are than to compromise who you are. It is more important to honor how you think, rather than to honor how others think. You had to use your mind, rather than allow your mind to go blank and just do what another has done. When you choose the latter, then you are not choosing to create, truly create. You are not honoring who you really are and what you are capable of.

When you give up thinking, your soul, spirit and mind begin to atrophy and work routinely, like a machine. Your mind, your soul you spirit is then just a machine at the service of others.

Choose to create.

Choose your own soul.

Choose your mind and drive it as far as it will take you.

Choose to create.

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