Blog: Traveling Gypsy

Christine Alfery

Posted on May 20 2021

Blog: Traveling Gypsy

Featured image: The Journey of the Gypsy

Our son is a gypsy.   He travels about the country, working as a contractor and living in his tiny house.  His backyards are frequently mountains, lakes and oceans.  He journeys on dirt and gravel mountain roads and has built houses on mountain cliffs and along ocean views.  The sun shines brightly on his tiny house and on him.  And while I choose to live a more settled life, I frequently write about his very unique individualism and one-of-a-kindness.  I respect his choices, and I can dream with and visualize with him his vistas and journeys as he shares his journeys with me.  This piece, “The Journey Of A Gypsy”  is about traveling with the windows open, music playing and red landscapes passing.

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