Blog: Three Things

Christine Alfery

Posted on May 24 2021

Blog: Three Things

Featured image: Red and Pink Roses in a Jar

I ask only three things from art:


  1. That it be original and not from another intellectual property.
  2. That I have a relationship with the media and the concept that I'm thinking about when I begin. I allow myself to be inventive, independent, creative and to have lots of courage to do something different, something new.
  3. That I can trade my work fairly, meaning that there is another that finds value in my work. We are two souls who recognize the values in the work and what it takes to be creative or to think creatively. I, my art, and the person trading with me has been subsidized by no other, has been and will never be governed by another.

If art does these 3 things then it embodies the concept of freedom and individual sovereignty that is filled with self-governance and self-reliance.

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