Blog: The Other

Christine Alfery

Posted on January 04 2021

Blog: The Other

Featured image: The End of Day, Water media on paper, 40x30

I do not remember when this happened to me.  I can’t pinpoint it but it seems to go a long long way back when I knew that I felt as Ann O’Shaughnessy states, “creating is the gift for life and act of love and what I do balances out some awful thing another does.”  It is all about balance.

There is always an “other.”  The other can be anything – it can be: good/bad, black/white, of color/white, beginning/end, sunrise/sunset, life/death, love/hate, dawn/dusk. Other can be based on moral grounds/or reality.  Without the other there is nothing.  The key is all about balance and to respect the "other" that defines you.  

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