Blog: The Cowboy

Christine Alfery

Posted on June 07 2021

Blog: The Cowboy

Featured image: The Cowboy

Have you ever really thought about and questioned how you are governed/controlled?

I have, which is probably why I am an artist and why I believe in the things that I do like freedom and respecting those who cannot color within the lines. The series I am currently working on, "Rugged Individualism," is all about those who find it difficult to not color within the lines. Those who do it on purpose and those who just can't help to stray outside of the accepted boundaries. It is in their uniqueness and their one-of-a-kindness. It is their spirit, their soul, their mind, their personality and their individualism that makes them live an authentic life.

"The Cowboy" is one of those who can't color within the lines, simply because he can't. It isn't in his nature. He recognizes that we, those who live in the United States, are a country of laws. The Cowboy's badge represents those rules. Some of the rules, "The Cowboy" understands, are difficult to enforce, like coloring in the lines and he accepts it. Some of the other rules he has a hard time living with which is why he chooses to live in open spaces. I might add, it is also why I choose to be an artist.

"The Cowboy" believes in the individual rights of a human being. He realizes that there are some things he cannot control, but also realizes he can choose to place himself in spaces that are open and free.

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