Blog: Sunflower Study

Christine Alfery

Posted on July 01 2021

Blog: Sunflower Study

Featured image: Sunflower Study

As most of you know I love discovery and experimentation and moving away from the comfortable same old same old. So in this work I am exploring form, line, thinner paper and how the paint reacts to that paper. It really makes a difference when you paint on cold press versus hot press or rough paper. It's like learning to paint all over.

I do love the different compositions here - so that was exploratory also. But, the lines and mark-making seem to change on this paper. They seem to be changing in just about all the things that I paint. Some folks say that I am prolific. I'm just painting every day and have several paintings going at one time which gives the exploring and discovery a deeper field to play in. So I'm just learning and always painting daily in some way or another. Does that make me prolific? I guess so. I just love what I do. And I know it never needs to be perfect - it just needs to be me.

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