Blog: Released - Five layers Before the Finished Work

Christine Alfery

Posted on April 13 2021

Blog: Released - Five layers Before the Finished Work

Featured image: Released

Sometimes we just don’t see things in our work until later. I was clearing my computer desktop and came across this image of a work I struggled with. The struggle was huge. I came to believe that for some reason, the struggle was more about me than the work itself.

When I came across this photo I took of the work along the way, I am convinced of that. See what you think.

"Released" - 5 layers before the finished work

The work is now called Released. This title was there before I even began the work. I knew what I wanted to create. It would be a bird cage with birds. Here is one version of it that I rejected. Wasn’t that silly? This image now lies under about 5 more layers of paint. But when I was cleaning up my desktop, there it was. It is gorgeous. The transparency, is amazing. Silly, silly me and my own personal judgement of the work. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this version.

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