Blog: Rabbits Part I

Christine Alfery

Posted on December 21 2020

Blog: Rabbits Part I


Featured images: "Jasper" and "Walker" by Christine Alfery

2020 is almost behind us.  As 2021 approaches I wonder what kind of year it will be – but then I always wonder about a new year and what might happen in it.  For some reason – I have no idea why I decided that 2021 should be the year of the rabbit.  Why rabbit?  As I said, I have no idea.  But when I started looking up rabbits and researching if I wanted to paint a rabbit or not, I found myself smiling a lot.  What fun.

So here are some of the tidbits I found out about rabbits:

  1. Rabbits are a strong symbol of fertility and the celebration of life as they emerge in the new beginnings of a new year.  New beginnings, celebration of life.  This is positive.
  2. Alice followed a white rabbit.  I have done research of Alice and the white rabbit before so I will keep this short. Alice followed the white rabbit because she was curious.  And her curiosity led her to new adventures, new mysteries.  
  3. Rabbits symbolize abundance.
  4. If you had a dream about a white rabbit it is supposed to be a good sign in general.  The rabbit symbolizes in a dream, according to some site on the web, new life.
  5. And in Matrix, NEO was told to follow the white rabbit. Like Alice, NEO is curious – he followed the white rabbit.
  6. The rabbit as well as the hare have been associated with moon deities and may signify rebirth or resurrection.  They may also be symbols of fertility or sensuality.

All these are good meanings for a rabbit.  So, I started painting rabbits.  Rough start – the first one looked like a cocker spaniel.  Whenever I try to make something look like it is – I fail.  So I put me into the work – my lines became gestural, and I might be coming up with something.

I am working on three paintings (or more) at a time in my studio . It keeps me from rushing to finish one because I have an idea for another.  Two are usually quite big the third is more or less a sketch. So, the rabbits are on my sketching table.

Here is the first and second one.  I tried my hand at negative painting.  Really, I was covering up the cocker spaniel and this cute guy emerged.  No white ones yet.  Any opinions?

Decided to title/name my rabbits after famous artists.  

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