Blog: Is America still an original work of art?

Christine Alfery

Posted on November 30 2020

Blog: Is America still an original work of art?

 Featured image: Milkweed Pods

When thinking about the Europeans who crossed the Atlantic disembarking in land that was unsettled by Europeans, and later called America, I think about women and children, infants, taking the risks and facing the dangers to be free. To be themselves and forge their own life.  To be the unique original individuals they knew they were.  To be their own unique work of art.

I think and I ask myself, "Do these places still exist in America today?  If so where?  There aren’t many unique places in America to find anymore.  The “north” used to be that way, with its wildness and woods and lakes.  I notice that many individuals that have lived in the north are going further north because the place that they live in is no longer what they hoped it would remain. They hoped, like the colonists thought, they had found a unique wonderful wilderness where they were relatively free.  They are traveling further north because America seems to be just clusters of copies everywhere else and they are trying to do the same thing they did elsewhere to the north.

We need to search always for our uniqueness,  the wilderness, the enchanted which exists within ourselves, with our own individuality.  Fight for never becoming a copy, a copy of what others have done, don’t give up the uniqueness, the wilderness, the enchanted spirit and soul you have within you.  Don’t settle for a copy of the original artwork that you are.  Search for the original you, and fight for the place that has that uniqueness, wildness, and one of a kindness.  It is not necessary to tame it – to chop down its trees and make it like everything else – let it be.  Just like you need to let yourself be exactly who you were meant to be -one of a kind, unique and independent and original like a work of art.  Live your life like you are the work of art that you actually are.  And fight for keeping America that one of a kind unique place it first was. 

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