Blog: Embrace

Christine Alfery

Posted on January 05 2021

Blog: Embrace

Featured image: Which Way is the Right Way


What is your unique self? Search for it.  Listen to yourself, feel what it is saying to you. Try to love what you find and remember the words that come to you as you discover your unique self.  

Embrace yourself.  Be faithful to yourself.  If you do, yourself - your unique self, your truth will reward you with unimaginable freedom and intimacy.  You will not land in a world made to order. Some people in your life may not like what you create. But, those who remain will be your friends, true friends not just surface friends. They will be friends that listen to you, respect you, and tell you different ways to think and feel.  If you agree, you will welcome those different ways into your life.  It will feel good to be seen completely and loved as you are.  Your friends will know you, not something you pretend to be. Be your unique self.  Embrace yourself, be faithful to yourself.

When I paint, I try to embrace my thinking. But lately, lately I feel control slowly creeping into my work and it bothers me a great deal.  I recognize it and I don’t know why it's in my studio.  I need to embrace it and release it.  It is going to be a tough battle.

I am going to share with you the painting I have done since “Creation.”  It is no where near the same now as it was when I shot this picture.  I feel control in my “Creation” piece and I tried to get rid of it. When the huge break between tightly controlled brushwork and freely flowing paint and lines - Control remained with me as I started this piece and after 6 days I said – enough – and threw white paint on it.

This work is like history – there are many layers that effect us and how and who we are.  Unique self frequently gets lost. I am wondering if this has anything to do with the fact that my mom insisted I be right handed because they didn’t make left handed golf clubs back then and reluctantly, uncomfortably as a child I did what my mother told me.  I learned to write right-handed.  Today I am ambidextrous. I frequently paint with both hands and am very comfortable at times just painting with my left hand. 

My unique self is ambidextrous – and I do not like the controlling side of this ambidexterity!!!  But I shall embrace it – and move forward.

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