Blog: Collecting Rocks

Christine Alfery

Posted on October 13 2020

Blog: Collecting Rocks

The Fall weather in the Northwoods has been beautiful lately. We took advantage of one of those beautiful days by driving up to Lake Superior. We hiked along waterfalls, enjoyed the colors of the trees on the trails, and were filled with the sound of rushing water along the way. I took many deep breaths that day.


At the end of the day we walked along the shore of Lake Superior - one of my most favorite things in all the world to do. We began spontaneously picking up rocks and sharing them with each other. What is it about walking along the shores of large bodies of water that make us want to pick up something wonderful, beautiful from it? We do the same thing when we walk the beaches in Florida. Searching for the most precious shell to take with us to preserve the memory of the moment and all the aesthetics that touch every part of our hearts and souls – that blissful moment of peace and beauty.  



On this hike I searched for rocks with distinctive strips. The strip in the rock is often caused by an eruption in the earth that made it settle differently – resulting in a different color and a different layer. There are many layers in our earth and these rocks on the beach are miniatures of what the bigger picture really is. 



As I searched, I thought about all the changes that happened to that little bit of rock – and its final resting place with my special collection of rocks from Lake Superior. In my search for stripes, a rock with green dots caught my eye. It was small, but it stood out from the rest. When I picked it up I realized this rock was filled with cooper - amazing and so delightful. I added it to the collection. This rock is one I will treasure more than all the others – a rock with spots.

The delight I felt when finding that rock is the delight I hope collectors feel when they find the right work of art for them. You begin the search through the many layers of art, you narrow down your choices, you think about what is important to you – like me searching for rocks with distinctive stripes.



It was during that search that I got sidetracked and found the most precious rock of the day – filled with copper spots. It should be that way when you search and find a work of art. Search, look, delight in what you find – seek something distinctive, unique, one-of-a-kind. See, feel, and value the hand of the creator in each work. You will know you found the one when that special something catches your eye – like my rock with spots. It is that thing you should always look for when you are choosing a work of art. That is how you know you have found the one - something you will always treasure. 

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